coach (n.): a vehicle for taking a valued person from where they are to where they want to go.

Successful leaders seek both PRODUCTIVITY and ENTHUSIASM.

Driving for productivity alone burns people out.
Enthusiasm on its own doesn't accomplish enough.


Who is Peggy Gilmer?

Throughout her 35 year consulting career she has worked to improve corporate cababilities through IT, Process Management and Organization Development. Her clients include executives, managers and teams from: Boeing, NASA, London Underground, Ford Motor Company, Citibank, King County and Bellevue Public Schools.

Combining her experience in the corporate world, a Master's Degree in Organization Systems Renewal and undergraduate work in Psychology she is uniquely qualified for executive coaching. As the first "Head Coach" for The Boeing Company she instituted the coaching discipline within the company and developed its first cadre of executive coaches. Read more...

What my clients say

I have never met anyone who can intervene so quickly, connect so deeply, assess so shrewdly, and implement such a powerful plan for leadership development and team health. Peggy made me a believer in the power of investing in premier executive coaching. Matthew Bencke, Director, Boeing

Peggy on her own is a powerful coach – but the interaction with her and the horses instantaneously made so many of Peggy's 'lessons' real. I could suddenly feel myself leading Savannah – and her response to me gave me, for the first time, a sense of what I was working toward with my employees. Nancy Golosman, Vice President, Golin Harris

Working with Peggy and her horses has made me a more powerful leader and shown me the way to continue to evolve as a leader. Every time we work together I return with not only insight but with the ability to apply what I've learned back at the office. Christy Jones, President, Fleischmann Office Interiors

My Guarantee

Employers employ coaches to increase their productivity and the capabilities of their leaders. In addition to their companies, individuals benefit both professionally and personally.

There are no universally accepted standards in coaching so all the parties need to be clear about their goals and how to reach them....

No one has yet demonstrated conclusively just what makes an executive coach qualified or what makes one approach to executive coaching better than another. Harvard Business Review Nov 2004

I guarantee my work. At the start of each engagement I contract with my client establishing responsibilities, accountability and desired outcomes. My fees will be refunded if you are not satisfied that your time with me was well spent.

Why Rewiring?

The pace at work continues to accelerate – people are working harder and longer. Our Superhuman Powers of doing More are looking a bit frayed at the edges and more people are feeling it. Which from my perspective is a positive shift. Piling on more is not a particularly elegant – much less sustainable – solution for living.

Rather than pushing ourselves for more, the 21st Century asks for our best. The good news is that our best includes an infusion of spirit – of enthusiasm and possibility. It engages our heart, our humor, our gifts as well as our powerful intellect.

Enthusiasm flourishes in environments where there is clarity of intention and leaders who walk their talk. It shows up when authenticity is valued along with our professional personas. These are the qualities that inspire people to WANT to follow a leader. These are the qualities that build and sustain relationships – which are central to a globally networked future.

My work is offered to help you uncover, focus and support your clarity of intention. To challenge and support you in aligning your actions with those intentions. To exercise effective use of your personal authority. To create environments and relationships – at work and at home - that are both enthusiastic and productive.

~ My work is not for the faint of heart...but you'll find it does lighten the heart.
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Peggy Gilmer