coach (n.): a vehicle for taking a valued person from where they are to where they want to go.

The Case for Coaching Leaders & Executives

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Productivity Components

Where We Are...

The 20th Century brought unparalleled advances in technology and how we employ it to build products and manage business processes. We have been wildly successful in driving out inefficiencies in our production and business management systems.

Corporations have leaned-out and flattened their organizations. Focus on tasks improved processes and products and helped maintain the bottom line in a highly competitive global market.

The advances in technology and productivity have had their impact on organizations:

 Organizational Shifts In Process Now 
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These shifts have occurred or are occurring as you read this. They are no longer optional to be competitive in the 21st Century. Likewise, these shifts in complexity and the interconnection of systems have impacted the people in organizations.

Leaders, their people and the relationships that bind them to one another's successes are under the gun in two ways today - stress and habit:

1) People are working harder and longer. Management ratios have doubled and executives are routinely responsible for what were formerly two fulltime jobs. 20th Century choices have set our people up for burn out, and our organizations for diminishing returns.

2) Technology has evolved faster than our human capacity to work together well. It is easier to change technology than people. Technology has properties that conform to well known physical laws. People have habits that require more than intellectual understanding to shift.

We have advanced two portions of the "Productivity Spiral" - improving products and processes at the expense of the third portion. People have been pushed as far as they can be pushed without some equally significant jump-shift in how we work together.

This is not to say that organizations have neglected their people. On the contrary organizations have been generous with perks and benefits. Organizations provide fitness centers, continuing education, child and health care, counseling and lots and lots of training. But these incentives d not address a central issue.

The most significant human and financial costs on the planet today are those brought about by the habits of avoidance or adversarial relationship. We have yet to address how to approach differences effectively.

And this is where rewiring and coaching come in.

Rewiring Leaders for Robust Relationship

Coaching excels at jump-shifting habitual unconscious behaviors into conscious curiosity, creativity and action - our most valuable human attributes. Why? Because coaching customizes all work to the individual and doesn't pretend that training can break habits.

In sports, athletes get on-the-job immediate feedback. Throughout a season they get regular practice with rapid real-time feedback. The continuous rapid cycling between doing and "minimum essential feedback" induces greater and greater ability to stay in "flow" or "in the zone."

With human development the feedback is more distorted and appears more slowly over time. Annual reviews or 360s are glacial in comparison to the moment-to-moment need for feedback when working with networks of people. On the job, colleagues or direct reports shy away from candid feedback because they fear retaliation or degradation of an already tenuous relationship.

robust: adv. Full of health and vigor, Improving, growing or succeeding steadily, powerfully

Coaching works experientially, on the job. The client chooses opportunities already on his or her calendar to practice new targeted behaviors. Coach and client debrief the results within short time cycles. It is this candid debriefing that models "robust relationship". Robust relationships are capable of turning any feedback into useful, learning opportunities. Robust relationship raises one's ability to achieve excellence.

So, what are some of the habits that need to be rewired in order to create and sustain robust collaborative relationships?

 Rewiring Leaders 
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If we focus on the people - the tasks will be achieved. If you focus on the people they will tell you what you need to know about the task. Focus on the task and you will not be offered feedback on the people. Further focus on task alone will yield ever smaller gains caused by human exhaustion and resistance.

Who Would Benefit From Coaching?

Changing a leader's behaviors is the highest leverage tool for changing the habits of everyone in the organization. People emulate the leader. For years organizations have worked from the bottom up. That luxury and financial drain is no longer an option. Change moves from the top down.

There are two approaches for deciding who in an organization is to receive coaching. The first impulse is to work on the problem people who need specific weaknesses rectified. But the most cost effective way to leverage coaching is to build it into the culture by providing it to your high performers who clearly have even higher potential. Invest in your best and let their success create an ever more robust and productive environment.

My Commitment to You and Your Organization...

In today's fast paced and ever changing work environment, how leaders understand and stimulate people to give their best can make the critical difference in producing and sustaining positive business results. Coaching shifts habitual behaviors faster than any other means of change.

I can raise your capacity to take you and your business where you want to go. And I can take you there faster than anyone else can.

I am committed to developing the most versatile, effective, collaborative leaders for the environment of the 21st Century. My work is conceived to benefit you:

Materiallyby accomplishing what you want to accomplish
Dynamicallyby improving how you learn in order to continue to gain velocity in realizing future goals
Relationallyby developing your coaching skills to facilitate developing others in robust, inspired working relationships

My Guarantee...

It's not just individuals who benefit from one-on-one coaching - their employers can gain immensely, too. But in an industry without universally accepted standards, all the parties need to be clear about their goals and how to reach them....

No one has yet demonstrated conclusively just what makes an executive coach qualified or what makes one approach to executive coaching better than another. -- Harvard Business Review Nov 2004

I guarantee my work. At the start of each engagement I contract with my client establishing responsibilities, accountability and desired outcomes. My fees will be refunded if you are not satisfied that your time with me was well spent.