"Jokes On Julie"

When I entered the workplace as a secretary several decades ago,  I was required to call my boss “Mr.” and he insisted i go by my given name, Margaret, which i’d never been called nor ever heard when he bellowed for me.  It was not an auspicious beginning to a career now spanning over 35 years.

My generation of women and those that have followed have revolutionized the workplace, the marketplace and the world.  While we may still argue pay and glass ceilings…we’ve come a long way, baby!  Fully half my executive clients are women.

And, we’ve paid a big price for our success.  We’ve had to prune much of our feminine nature and ways to stand with the men.  The unintended consequences…the costs to our selves, our souls, the systems we support, and the planet …  is now seen to be too high and not sustainable.  It is past time to rebalance our masculine and feminine natures so that our core strengths; of heartfulness, of tending, befriending, nurturing, supporting, collaborating, and seeking what’s best for the whole …are again embraced.

My work with women focuses exactly here.  Rebalancing our energies so we can BE our best, with grace, power within and the ease only a balance of feminine and masculine natures can offer.

Contact me at info@peggygilmer.com if you’d like to feel your true self and power again…or for the first time.  Our souls and our corporations need us to return to ourselves.  And the planet will not come back into harmony until we do.