Personalized Intensives

"Kath Ebby"

When you stop for a minute, do you often feel angry or exhausted?  Do you sense  a vague longing or a faded remembrance calling to you?  And do you push it aside because there isn’t time or you don’t know what to do with those uncomfortable feelings anyway?  Like Scarlett O’Hara, we push them away with a promise  to “think about that tomorrow.”

It’s nearly impossible to  clarify the body’s warning or feel the heart’s yearning  or  the soul’s calling when we have a cell phone on our ear,  back to back meetings, a talent for multi tasking and keep our 24/7 calendars in 15 minute increments.

Which is why I’ve opened my farm on a limited basis to clients who want to step off the turbo charged hamster wheel they call “My Life”.

The serenity of the farm and the wisdom of its animals quickly help clients to decompress and unpack the uneasiness they are feeling. In a relaxed atmosphere…over coffee and meals cooked together, walks in nature, farm chores, or a float on the river,  it’s easier to find the deep roots of your discontent and the deeper Purpose you’re longing to discover.

I had cancer in 1992. I wasn’t responding to that ‘small voice within’ and cancer became my wake up call, forcing me answer those suppressed callings.  Ultimately, it brought me to the farm and the work I do today.  As i like to say, “I bought the farm to keep from buying the farm.”   Cancer brought me to joy and my life’s calling.

I know how to help you find yours and I’d like to help before your wake up call is as dramatic as mine was.  And, using the tools that brought me Home, we can set you on your path to yours.

If you’d like to explore this unique and nurturing approach to discovering yourself, please either  call me at 360 825 7554 or email me at