Kids and Adolescents

I love working with kids. They’re like the horses.  They’re open and honest. They haven’t for the most part crusted over and if they have, it’s a much more easily seen and removed veneer. They generally come to the farm because they love horses. Their parents bring them because they are too shy or too gregarious. Because they are bullies or have been bullied. Because they cling to or can’t make friends.  Because they have more innate power than others are comfortable with and are already distorting it to fit in.

I am a coach. I am skilled at taking people from where they are to where they want to go or whom they want to become.  I’m not a psychologist or a therapist.  I have no special training with ADD, ADHD, Asbergers’, Autism or any of the diagnosed maladies plaguing kids today.  And, I’ve worked with them all.  There is something magic about a horse that allows kids to be themselves…their best selves.  The horses love them unconditionally…and there is profound healing right there.  I come in to help them notice how their body feels, and their mind thinks when they’re centered and in their power.  I show them how to build healthy relationships and find their most powerful and loving self on their own after they leave the farm.  And, when they find that Self, they want to live there.

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