Expanding Our Coaching Capacity

'Reba girl and Peggy'

Who This Workshop is For: 
Leaders, Coaches, HR Professionals, Teachers, Parents, and Therapists.

Do You Want To…
* See more deeply what’s going on for your coachee?
* Be less reactive to others’ behaviors?
* Offer your counsel in ways that your coachee will easily accept?
* Connect more authentically with others?
* Ensure that even your corrections improve relationship?

What You’ll Gain:
* Insight on your effectiveness as a coach and how it increases throughout the day
* Greater abilities to stand in a situation and accurately discern what’s going on
* The means to artfully offer the deeper insights you’ll gain
* Effective use of minimum essential influence to get both desired results and stronger relationships
* Embodied learning, so that you can easily remember and recall as needed, ‘back at your ranch’.

What We’ll Do:
Prior to the session, we’ll have a one-hour teleclass to meet one another, set expectations, establish a simple practice to facilitate engagement with both humans and horses, share your goals, and answer any questions you might have.

During the session, you’ll assess your current levels of skill in presence, awareness, energy management and connection. You’ll expand your capacity to see and engage more effectively. We’ll work on the ground with the horses, both individually and as a team, to practice what you’re learning. You’ll then use these skills with each other to gain essential feedback on your newfound competencies. And you will leave with your own plan for practice and improvement.

After the workshop, participants will have up to two hours of individual coaching (either by phone or at the farm) to help you ground, apply, and improve what you learned and are practicing.

Registration information:
Class size limited to five people.

Friday March 15, 2013. 9am – 5pm

Cost (includes teleclass, workshop, post session coaching, all handout materials, a catered lunch and snacks):
$650, after February 1st