The Feel of Mastery: Deepening Our Capacity To Be Present and Aware

Greek philosophers tell us it’s hard to see in a dark cave with  a flickering candle. The Buddhist practice of Shamata trains the mind to stop flickering, and stabilize our attention so that greater depth and breadth of seeing is possible.

The first two attributes I teach serious students of both leadership and horsemanship are Building Presence so that our Awareness of what our body, mind, heart and connection to a Greater Whole are trying to tell us.  It’s also the purpose of this, first in a series, workshop. The curriculum of the entire course, The Feel of Mastery, can be found at: Additional workshops will be added throughout the year covering the remaining attributes of Self Mastery.

This Workshop is For:
This is a dual track course. Offered on Saturdays for any individual and Fridays for Leaders, Coaches, HR Professionals, Teachers, Parents, and Therapists who want to ensure increased competence at home and work.

Do You Want to:
* Come to, remain in and return quickly to the Present Moment.
* Listen with fuller awareness to better read the wisdom ALL your intelligences are offering you
* Communicate more clearly and be more fully understood
* Create more harmonious and powerful relationships What You Will Gain:
* Heightened and more accurate perception
* Felt sense of when you’re in reaction v. response to others
* Ability to respond to a moment with greater wisdom and compassion
* More enjoyment, love and ease in your life and relationships
* Deeper connection with earth, animals, people, and The Greater Whole in which you believe.

What We Will Do:
Drawing from the best of meditative, somatic, and equine practices, the workshop will engage and develop your body, heart, and mind to better your ability to BE in and read the Present Moment. My horses are gifted coaches in this and will teach participants to recognize when they are present and aware of themselves, others and the field of The Greater Whole. They will reflect back whether their coachees are reacting or responding so that participants can come into better command of themselves…lessening the need to be in control of others.

Registration Information:
Class size is limited to five people.

Offered: Saturday April 20, 2013 10am – 5pm

Cost (includes catered lunch, snacks and handout materials):
$345, if you register by March 1

$395, after March 1

For those seeking to increase professional competence and as a follow on to the workshop, Expanding Our Coaching Capacity:

Offered: Friday May 17, 2013 9am – 5pm

Cost: (includes teleclass, workshop, post session coaching, all handout materials, a catered lunch and snacks)
$550, if you register by April 1st

$650, after April 1st