coach (n.): a vehicle for taking a valued person from where they are to where they want to go.

About Peggy...

Professionally I've spent 35 years improving organizational systems locally, nationally and internationally. During those same years I've been on a spiritual journey of discovery inspired by an abiding curiosity and a deep compassion for the human condition. Improving how we humans work and play together has been the passion and focus of my personal and professional life.

While skillful and well practiced in scientific analysis, I am at my core a highly accurate intuitive. I quickly discern and 'join up' with my clients, their situations and their intentions - saving time, missteps, and organizational energy drain.


I have worked at all corporate levels from executive suites and boardrooms to shop floors - designing processes, building teams and coaching them to enthusiasm and greater productivity. As the first "Head Coach" for the Boeing Company I crafted the strategy for initiating coaching within the company and developed their first cadre of Executive Coaches.

The building blocks of my 35 year career include in the domain of IT/Information Management: programming, systems analysis, data management and, Business Process Management/CQI. In organization development: Organization Effectiveness, team building, management development through training design and delivery and Executive Coaching. The experience of working in such diverse arenas gives me a unique set of lenses through which to understand organizations and assist in crafting inclusive strategies for improving complex systems.

I've owned and operated Silk Purse Farm, raising and training Tennessee Walking horses for nine years. For the past years I have incorporated my horses into my work with clients. Equine "coaches" provide clear, direct and immediate feedback on how you show up as a leader and what behaviors can shift or reinforce people's enthusiasm for your leadership.


Other clients nationally and internationally have included: NASA, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Honeywell, UNIVAC, Citibank, London Underground, AIA Insurance, and others. In Washington state clients have included: Washington DOC, King County, Bellevue Public Schools, Washington Works, Kent School District, Martha and Mary Lutheran Services, Cedar River Associates and others.

Individual clients include executives and other leaders, managers, professionals, entrepreneurs, parents, adolescents and children.


My undergraduate work was in Psychology;

My Master's Degree is in Organizational Development.

My work is informed by 22 years of Buddhist studies and practice.